December 27, 2011

Hello world!

It's been a while since I first thought "Maybe I should blog!" and I finally decided to do it. But let's start from the beginning!

My name is Alexander, not that old, and I'm a developer. My digital life is based on that activity, so I won't be blogging about <place here some non-developer topic>. I'll write about all those random stuff that happen to me while I'm at work or at home, trying to do something useful!

I, like every developer that dares to call himself "real developer", have my epochs of that need to use/play around with whichever language/hacky tool/geek thingy/whatever. And I, like every real developer, get headaches because of that need: code that just won't work as expected because of the weirdest bug ever; tools that crash when I'm just about to finish XYZ thing; devices that seem to have proper life...  But those headaches are (quickly?) replaced with that good feeling of self-improvement when I achieve what I wanted.

So, basically, this blog is about all that stuff that causes me headaches and their solutions (hopefully, those will safe someone else's time).

PS: I must say that that first post of mine isn't that bad.